Welcome to OCIndoorGolf.com. We are an indoor golf club located in Irvine, California. At OC Indoor Golf, we provide access to the top of the line golf simulation environment. After nearly 6 months of research and testing, we have partnered with Foresight Sports to power our private golf simulator. Foresight sports provides a launch monitor called the GC2 (Game Changer) that powers the golf simulation software. Using this indoor/outdoor launch monitor you are able to practice, train, dial in your clubs or simply play a round of golf at the some of the worlds most prestigious courses with friends. We feel that you will be blown away by out immersive simulation environment.

Forget about any of the the golf simulators that you have played in the past. Our 16ft x 10ft screen will rock your world from the moment you step into the private simulation room. You will be amazed by how realistic the game play is while hitting your own clubs and real golf balls. If you tend to slice the ball, our simulator is not going to cut you any breaks. Be prepared to hit from the thick stuff.

Our simulator will be launching in March 2012. If you want to be notified about our launch and receive a promotional discount, please join our mailing list.

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